292BusRecent changes to the bus timetable have hit a snag on journeys between Methlick and Ellon or Fyvie according to local Mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston.

Cllr Johnston heard from local residents that the Methlick to Ellon Service on the 290/291/292/293 bus routes had been axed. One resident was told directly by Stagecoach bus enquiries. But it was a mistake.

“This had alarm bells ringing” said Paul ” I had only received notification of timetable changes on 290 and 291 routes.  There had been no notified changes to the 292 or 293 service”

Buses that were 290 and 291 that go to Methlick become the 292 or 293 service from Methlick to Ellon or Fyvie  on a number of services each day.

” These are valued services but what appears to have happened is that Stagecoach Bluebird have omitted the 292/293 services from the new printed timetable in error.”

Councillor Johnston received assurances from Aberdeenshire Council’s public transport unit that the service continues without changes and that’s the information that Aberdeenshire Council places on bus stops will be accurate. Stagecoach have apologise for the error in their publicity which was the cause of the confusion.

” I am assured that the 292 and 293 services that appear in the old timetable will continue as before.” Said Cllr Johnston.

An amended timetable is expected to be published in due course.

A link to the old timetable is available here:  292n

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