Local Oldmeldrum Councillor Paul Johnston welcomed the news that Oldmeldrum resident, Claire Morrison was acquitted of charges related to an alleged assault of youths that had been harassing her and her family.

“This case highlights the serious nature of the actions of a small number of people intent on anti social behavior in and around Oldmeldrum.”

“A number of meetings are now being held to focus on what will bring this wave of anti social behavior to an end.  Inspector Harrison of Police Scotland attended the last Community Council meeting to reinforce his forces commitment to effective action along with Aberdeenshire Council.”

“Myself and other local Councillors are pushing for a stronger focus of resources to resolve this as the problem has been developing over a number of months.”

Police Scotland have told Councillors, a number of arrests and charges have been made.  Two more police officers are due to be based from the Oldmeldrum police station in order to increase police coverage within the town.

Councillor Paul Johnston has also been assured by senior Council officials that inter agency meetings are taking place to ensure a coordination of efforts over anti social behavior. Oldmeldrum community council have held several meetings with strong public attendance with the council and police in attendance.  The Community Council expect to continue to monitor the situation and press for continued action.

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