Aberdeenshire Councillors are being urged not to  ‘burn money’ by taking the first steps to start up an incinerator to deal with Aberdeenshire’s rubbish.

Democratic Independent and Green Group leader Councillor Paul Johnston is to ask the council’s policy and resources committee not to accept a recommendation from officials including the arguments given in private and confidential briefings which suggest that council should burn it’s rubbish as a solution to cutting landfill.

” There are considerably better ways of dealing with residual waste than supposed energy from waste plants. It is called the circular economy

“Incinerators of every description leave residues which still need to be land filled and are often very toxic. We must avoid this”

“Scotland’s Government asks us to turn towards a circular economy.  They believe in a zero waste Scotland.  And that does not include incineration as a longer term solution.”

“Incinerators are an incentive to do the wrong thing.  It is the opposite of a circular economy.”

The Democratic Independent Councillor, argues that if the Council eventually invest considerably more than £100,000,000 in Aberdeen City’s facility, it would be investing in a legal white elephant project as legislation is likely to force authorities to find ways of reducing or reusing materials rather than incineration.

The debate comes at the Aberdeenshire Council Policy and Resources committee on Thursday.  The council seeks to start the process spending hundreds of thousands of pounds in creating a partnership with th Aberdeen City to incinerate Aberdeenshire residents rubbish.

” The council has yet to evaluate fully the alternatives” said Councillor Johnston. ” it may as well be burning the money as it will be an incredibly expensive mistake in the medium to long term.  Better to avoid the problem now than get our fingers and later”

Paul Johnston is a director of a leading Scottish charitable organization which campaigns for waste reduction, zero waste and a circular economy. CRNS represents over 120 social enterprises that create jobs and economic benefit from materials which would be waste and much of it incinerated in so called energy from waste plants.

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