Image of the incinerator size that appeared in the Press & Journal

Aberdeenshire Council have agreed to spend a quarter of a million pounds to start an ‘Energy from Waste’ incineration project. But the powerful Policy & Resources Committee heard strong opposition from Democratic Independent and Green group Councillor Paul Johnston who told the committee that the Council would be following a deeply flawed policy, creating further problems and creating a white elephant.

“The committee have only had private papers ‘in confidence‘ so far. To tackle such a big decision without public debate seemed utterly wrong. To decide without the alternatives being examined seems utterly wrong and to throw away the opportunities in employment from recycling and reuse was wrong as well. .”

“The committee agreed to spend a 1/4 million pounds on this project to start it, with the vague idea they might stop it later if it proves a failure. Which is likely.  They did not approve any funding for alternatives and had no process to reverse the incineration project if, as suggested, this will have have to be scrapped in the future. No plan B.  But having agreed to start, they did agree to debate incineration later in public after they have taken this decision today. ”

“That gives a slender hope to the public that the Council can be influenced and prevent it from burning more of their money, It should get down to creating jobs from the re-use of materials and being Zero Waste.”

Councillor Paul Johnston is a campaigner for Zero waste and the creation of a circular economy, as a supporter of CRNS, a leading Scottish organisation of Community social enterprises and charities who create jobs and opportunities in re-use and re-cycling.

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