Apologies for a slightly belated best wishes for the coming year.  May it be better than the last.  And let’s all leave this small world better in every way at the end of it than we found it at the start.

I will spend this year trying to find ways of protecting services from cuts imposed by the Scottish Government. In doing this, I will priortise education and care for the vulnerable. I will work to improve planning and engagement and trying to make the council connect with citizens in Aberdeenshire. I hope to protect community learning and capacity building.

If I can influence wider reforms, I will do my best.  Getting a new rail link to Ellon will be a priority, becasue it makes economic social and environmental sense.

I will always try to get the best for and from my communities. To do this I will help develop social enterprise and community development.

Other than that….  I will try to stop being such a miserable old git.  But there is not a lot to smile about in local politics.

All the best for 2016.





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  • Rosie Nicol

    Thanks for good wishes Paul. Thanks too for all the support you have given community groups here in Balmedie and parish. we’ve a lot to achieve in 2016, but hopefully we can work together, little by little, to make a difference…


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