Local Councillor Paul Johnston said:

“Following the closure of the B999, the road is still blocked many days after the big flood night of Thursday 7th January.  The water was expected to drain away.

The reality is it started to drain awy but then with more rain it has filled up again and has getting worse even after the deluge stopped.

291Bus-TarvesBus services have been disrupted or stopped completely over the period and people’s journeys made more difficult.  There is an alternative car route… but buses have stopped as they are reluctant to go through water.  They will not pass official road closed signs and Aberdeenshire Council say it’s too deep for many vehicles.  So the road stays closed.

I have contacted Aberdeenshire Council officials and Stagecoach.  They have agreed to a suggestion to re-route buses via Cairnbrogie Crossroads, avoiding the flooded section of the B999. Following a check this afternoon by Stagecoach they will commence the route with those vehicles they can find that will be able to use the back road.  It is not suitable for all their vehicles.  Smaller buses only.

Please contact Stagecoach Bluebird to check if a service is running, and if times are altered.

I am hopeful we will have some transport for Methlick and Tarves to Aberdeen from this evening, Thursday 14th January.  They cannot promise a full service and it may be disrupted, but lets hope it is something to start to get back to normal with.

I am particularly grateful to Council offcials who have worked to get this problem resolved.”


from Aberdeenshire Council.

Dear Councillor Johnston

Following my email below, Stagecoach Bluebird have assessed the route via C31C and confirmed that due to the type of buses currently operating on the corridor and with it not being gritted, this is not an ideal route for the service but they will attempt to serve the diversion route as from this afternoon and monitor it. They have highlighted that this will result in smaller buses being allocated on some of the journeys, which may result in capacity issues but they will try and keep this to a minimum. Also, at times they have larger vehicles scheduled, such as coaches which will be only be able to serve Pitmedden, but this is very infrequent and the operator hopes to be able to replace these with smaller vehicles but this may not be possible at short notice.

Also, they have confirmed that although the diversion route will be issued to drivers, this may take time to filter down at such short notice and also some drivers will also be unaware of the route, in particular those not from the area, so there may be driver issues but they will do there upmost to ensure that all drivers are aware and this does not happen.

Stagecoach Bluebird have also highlighted that the road is very busy due to other traffic using this as a diversion route and will add time onto the journey, so this will also result in buses operating late.

I can confirm that Local Roads are currently investigating the possibility of draining the water away on the B999 and will keep us up-to-date. If there is any change to the service or we can divert back to the B999, we will keep you informed. Which hopefully will be very soon.



Senior Transport Officer

(Local Bus Service)

Infrastructure Services

Aberdeenshire Council

(01224) 664584





Dear Councillor Johnston

Following further discussions with the Roads Department and Stagecoach Bluebird, the operator have confirmed that the flood water situated on the B999 between Pitmedden and Tarves is still too deep for the buses to safely travel through. We will keep in close contact with the Roads Department and buses will be re-instated on the route, as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, Stagecoach Bluebird are sending a driver out this afternoon to assess the route on the C31C between Cairnbrogie X-roads to Tarves via Mains of Cairnbrogie, to ascertain whether it is safe for the buses to utilise this route for the duration of the closure. We have been informed that it won’t be gritted but there is currently no flooding on this road.

If buses are able to be re-routed along this diversions route, then it will be utilised by all vehciles as an alternative route, so therefore will be busy.

I will let you know the outcome as soon as I have been informed by the opperator  this afternoon but hopefully this alternative route can be implemented as soon as.


Senior Transport Officer

(Local Bus Service)

Infrastructure Services

Aberdeenshire Council

(01224) 664584



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