Looking Back to the EU Referendum

Remember this?


I was involved in campiagning n this referendum in 1975. I knew then what it was about and I know now…… and its not what some say.

“It is not only concerned with free trade, economomic and monetary union and other major economic issues but also…environment questions, working condition in industry, consumer protection, aid to development areas (EU Structural funds)….”

“It is also concerned as an outward looking community, with breaking down the barriers between north and south, rich and poor, in the wider world,….”

I live in an imperfect world.  The institution that is the EU is far from perfect.  As is the United Nations or the League of Nations before it.  But I would rather change it than destroy it.  Go forward seeking cooperation rather than go back to the primacy of failed states and perpetual conflict.


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