balloon-release-imageThe spectacle of a mass release of balloons is something generations have had little thought about even since the modern plastics industry found alternatives to biodegradable latex and mass production made balloons cheap.

But while some in rural areas knew immediately that this was a damaging and unsustainable thing to do, it has taken a long time for urban consumers and people more generally to realise that balloon releases are not a good thing.

The reasons are:

  1. Balloons are not all latex and biodegradable as some suggest – it harms the environment.
  2. They use helium – an essential inert gas in short supply – it is effectively non renewable
  3. They can choke wildlife – even the biodegradable ones create a problem as they take time to break down.

So this is the reason you should consider signing this petition to the UK parliament that would highlight the waste and global issue.


The petition points out, that we can carry out our celebrations and commemorations in other imaginative ways shearwater-likely-starved-by-latex-balloonwithout this waste of life and resources.

You can get more information published recently from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) here:

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