For the last few weeks I have been asking people to think about local issues when it comes to this Aberdeenshire Council election on May 4th.

People were clearly thinking that the political messages were about independence, Brexit or national political issues.  Of course that is not what this election is actually about.

I have been clear that people should keep this election about what happens in Aberdeenshire rather than just a beauty contest between political parties.

So thank you for the very kind reception that I have had on the doorsteps.  When asked, people agreed that Aberdeenshire issues are important and agreed that we need local councillors dealing with the issues we have.  Electing councillors from political parties, or even some independents, on simple tribal issues about party politics does not by itself, deliver good local government.

I am glad of the messages of support for my record and campaigns for the future, but it was a long uphill struggle.

Now.  Apologies.  The message has to change because for whatever politically cynical or corrupt reason, we have a general election on June 8th.

All the national issues of which party should govern, what should happen about Brexit, or an independence referendum (or even if this is an independence referendum) can be decided at the June general election.  For all of these things, it is constitutionally the decision of Westminster MPs.  It will be your chance to choose. But not on May 4th.

So that brings us back to Aberdeenshire.  In Scotland there will be 32 separate elections.  Each election is to determine who sits as Councillors on the appropriate local authorities.

Aberdeenshire must elect 70 councillors and this ward of Mid Formartine will elect four members at out of seven candidates.

I hope that people can now re-focus and considered that there is no purpose in considering national issues for the election of local councillors.  The national issues can wait until June 8th and the national general election.

Let’s decide who will be best to represent Mid Formartine on Aberdeenshire Council.  What things do they propose here that are specific for our area.  Not just national political platitudes but practical things that are relevant for this local authority, Aberdeenshire Council.

So I go back to the doorstep hoping that people will ” keep it local” and support councillors that best represent our area.

I hope that my record of action will therefore count towards your choice of who will do the best job for you.  As I say on my leaflets, ” a record of action and a promise of more”

Thank you.

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