The Oldmeldrum Future Visions event this morning (27th May 2017) was busy with Meldrum folk giving their reaction to feedback from the Community survey.

“The Legion Hall in the town had a buzz about it as people enthusiastically contributed their views and choices to the Oldmeldrum Visions team led by Meldrum and Bourtie Community Council.” said local Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston.

“I was here for the full duration of the event as it was chock full of ideas and comments. The Community Council and the local Community Planning Partnership should be complimented on a well organised and effective event”

The Future Visions event has gathered more information and reactions to the initial questionnaire done by the group. At the end of the process will be a community action plan that will be able to inform Aberdeenshire Council, Fire, Police and NHS about what is needed for the Community.

A similar, scaled plan is being done for Daviot.

“What I hope will be delivered is something my fellow Aberdeenshire Councillors and the decision makers can use. They will have a well researched and clear statement from our community about our priorities. They cannot say we have not told them. We have weighed up sometimes contrary opinions and even if there are no clear views we are informing the powers that be to help them take the best decisions. ” said Paul.

Community engagement in full swing.


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