Last night I was lucky enough to see the film “Demain / Tomorrow” at Meldrum Academy. The event, organised by Fiona Crosswell and Vicky Prendergast attracted over 100 people. Quite an achievement.

It was not just another film about climate change. It was a film that answers the imperative that climate change brings. What can we do about it?

In each and every sphere divided into five chapters, it was positive, inspiring and uplifting. By example it gave hints and Solutions that were human and in reach of us all.

Simply, yes we can.

From protecting from protecting and nurturing our soils to produce more food as well as how to finance our businesses, this film shows there is a starting point for Solutions. This is not just to prevent some kind of climatic armageddon but demonstrates we can create a better world,  at the same time.

Thank you Fiona and Vicki for making this happen at Oldmeldrum. Thank you as well to senior pupils and head teacher of the Academy for support and to the sponsors who helped  make it a successful event. I recommend  people who have not seen it, look out for screenings in your own communities or look it up online.

Tomorrow? Yes we can!

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