I hope your Easter weekend is going well.  But if an emergency were to happen and you need the help of the Council, there are details on the Council’s website about who to contact. I have reproduced it below for ease but you can find it at:


Who to phone in an emergency

Find out who to contact in urgent situations:

If the emergency or crisis is life threatening, phone 999. If you are worried about someone who is ill, call NHS 24 on 111.

Out of hours emergency service

Our out of hours emergency service is available 5pm to 9am weekdays and all weekend. For non-emergency situations, view office telephone numbers.

Service Number
Housing repairs 03456 08 12 03
Homelessness 03456 08 12 03
Social work 03456 08 12 06
Environmental Health 03456 08 12 07

Urgent social care or someone at risk of harm

If someone needs urgent social care or you think an adult needs protection you get in touch with your local Social Work office.

If you are worried about a child and want to report a child protection concern contact local Children and Families team.

Concerned about flooding

To find out about flood warnings, phone Floodline on 0345 988 11 88.

In an emergency where there is a threat to public safety, call emergency service 999 and ask for Fire or Coastguard.

For help with flood defences eg sandbags phone 03456 081205 (8am – 6pm) or Police Scotland on 101 (6pm – 8am). View Aberdeen City Council flooding emergency information.

Emergency planning

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire councils also manage the emergency planning function. Officers in the two authorities will bring an emergency plan into operation should there be a major flooding incident.

This plan will coordinate emergency and support services to those affected, including the setting up of reception centres. The Housing services of both authorities have a duty to provide emergency accommodation in the aftermath of such emergencies.

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