Aberdeenshire Councillor Paul Johnston has asked for more information to guide the North East’s tourism strategy. The call came at both Aberdeenshire’s infrastructure Services committee who were approving the Aberdeenshire part of the strategy on Thursday 23rd August 2018 and on the following day asking for a sustainable Tourism strategy to be planned as part of the North East Scotland Strategic Development Plan.

“The strategy is about how we seek to plan and develop tourism in the future.  As we live in a very unstable era, we need to think carefully about investing in more ‘sustainable’ forms of Tourism for the long term.” said Councillor Johnston.

“Much of Tourism is about short term reaction to the visitor market.  That we all understand. Long term however, we need to think about how tourism will be developed because of climate change and demographic changes in the world as a consequence.  Aberdeenshire and Scotland more widely, can be proud of its journey so far to a sustainable environment.  It will take a bit more work, however, which I am confident we can do, to be sustainable in the same terms with industry. Tourism being one.”

Councillor Johnston, was a former member of Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board and has work in Tourism related industry for over twenty years. he was first to propose the inclusion of Food and Drink as a strand of tourism strategy in previous years, as well as proposing Green tourism initiatives.

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