I was quoted at the Aberdeenshire full council meeting saying there was light at the end of he tunnel. It gave the impression that CoVId-19 would come to an end soon with vaccination.

As if it were an admonishment Cllr Ford, he explained (well ) what was likely to happen. While some of the worst of the pandemic will pass to a lower level, it will not ‘go away’ for some considerable time, if ever. I should be clear that I agree with Martin.

But I gave the wrong impression.

So what will happen? A lot will get better, although it could get worse again so easily. That’s what a virus can do.

This series of “Tweets” amounts to an article. It explains it. Its knowledgeable.

Life will get better but we have to change to keep it livable. We must learn to live with our new normal and its not back to the way things were…for a very long time if ever.

It is worth a read. (2mins)


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