Udny Climate Action, last weekend [ 13th March ] organised a small practical step in their campaign of climate action.

On the principle that its actions by every individual that will make the difference, they set about planting 400 trees. All done on the Saturday.

Trees are not the only solution, the preservation of soils, peat bogs and grasslands can equally play a part. But trees are definitely part, in places where trees are the natural default wild habitat. That includes much of the North East of Scotland. The trees not only capture carbon, they bind and enrich soils, creating massive underground carbon /fungal networks and they allow for a profusion of insects and higher forms of local wildlife.

Thanks Udny Climate Action

( UCA are part of Pitmedden, Udny Tarves Community SCIO and anyone who cares for the planet can join. )

If you want to know more about how trees can help in the battle against Climate Change, please email me on

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