I hope your Easter weekend is going well.  But if an emergency were to happen and you need the help of the Council, there are details on the Council’s website about who to contact. I have reproduced it below for ease but you can find it at:


Who to phone in an emergency

Find out who to contact in urgent situations:

If the emergency or crisis is life threatening, phone 999. If you are worried about someone who is ill, call NHS 24 on 111.

Out of hours emergency service

Our out of hours emergency service is available 5pm to 9am weekdays and all weekend. For non-emergency situations, view office telephone numbers.

Service Number
Housing repairs 03456 08 12 03
Homelessness 03456 08 12 03
Social work 03456 08 12 06
Environmental Health 03456 08 12 07

Urgent social care or someone at risk of harm

If someone needs urgent social care or you think an adult needs protection you get in touch with your local Social Work office.

If you are worried about a child and want to report a child protection concern contact local Children and Families team.

Concerned about flooding

To find out about flood warnings, phone Floodline on 0345 988 11 88.

In an emergency where there is a threat to public safety, call emergency service 999 and ask for Fire or Coastguard.

For help with flood defences eg sandbags phone 03456 081205 (8am – 6pm) or Police Scotland on 101 (6pm – 8am). View Aberdeen City Council flooding emergency information.

Emergency planning

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire councils also manage the emergency planning function. Officers in the two authorities will bring an emergency plan into operation should there be a major flooding incident.

This plan will coordinate emergency and support services to those affected, including the setting up of reception centres. The Housing services of both authorities have a duty to provide emergency accommodation in the aftermath of such emergencies.



Thick snow or heavy rain causing floods are severe weather conditions which we understand. Today we have had rain onto frozen roads with compacted ice. While the skies do not look full of snow or rain…its still severe e weather with regard to travel. 

Salting and gritting generally does not work at low ground temperatures and progressively has less effect down to  minus 5. Lots of vehicles going on it will warm the surface and start a thaw but down at minus 4 or 5 then no amount of salt really has much effect. And even when temperatures rise, its slow to take effect.

So until surface temperatures (rather than air temperature) rise to create a thaw, please be careful out there. 

In these conditions the Council is clearly not able to cope. Councillors are told that all the council’s available resources are being deployed.  

If things could be diffetent then this is one for councillors to take up later but in the meantime please be careful. 

Avoid unnecessary journeys. Go slowly. Help the stranded and elderly if you can. 

Councillor Paul Johnston


Sad to report that there has been a fire at Oldmeldrum Primary School. Reports from The Fire and Rescue Service suggest that there are no suspicious circumstances but a full investigation would be needed to determine the cause of the blaze.

As a local councillor who represents Meldrum, Paul Johnston said:

“All fires such as this are a blow to Aberdeenshire’s Education Service. That extra cost and disruption is significant. 

” Huge thanks should go to the fire service for containing the blaze quickly despite the weather conditions and the early morning timing. Their efforts appear to have saved significant further damage containing it to one wing of the building.”

“Despite the apparent damage Aberdeenshire has a good reputation in coping with recovery of fires and damage to schools. As a councillor I will be looking to the Education service to ensure as little disruption as possible to children’s education.”

” I will try to ensure that Aberdeenshire Council keep parents and local people informed of progress towards recovery. The council will issue regular information to parents via school mailings and the council’s website but you can also follow Aberdeenshire Council on Facebook or Twitter for updates”


Aberdeenshire Council’s new five-year plan has caring for the environment and cutting carbon emissions as one of its priorities, thanks to the Democratic Independent and Green Group of councillors (DIGG).

The Council’s new plan was agreed at the full council meeting last Thursday (23 November). (Note 1)

The plan has been produced following the council elections last May and public consultation. It sets out Aberdeenshire Council’s priorities for the five years until the next council elections in 2022.

At last Thursday’s Aberdeenshire full council meeting, DIGG councillors Martin Ford and Paul Johnston made it clear they were fully supportive of the ten priorities it was proposed to include in the plan. However, Cllr Ford moved an amendment to add an eleventh priority to ‘Protect our special environment, including tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions’.

Cllr Paul Johnston said: “The DIGG is pleased the Council was able to agree its new plan with all-party support and that the importance of protecting the environment and tackling climate change are included along with ten other important priorities.”

Cllr Martin Ford said: “The DIGG is happy to support the ten priorities proposed for inclusion in the new plan. We don’t wish to delete or replace any of them. However, we cannot support a plan where none of the priorities even mentions the environment.

“Aberdeenshire Council has many statutory responsibilities that relate to environmental matters. Beyond those, virtually everything the Council does will have some impact on the environment.

“The Council has a duty to take into account the scientific evidence regarding the damaging impact of human activity on the global environment, and to show leadership.

“In the Scottish Parliament, bold climate change targets were agreed with cross-party support. Aberdeenshire Council should not be out of step. Protecting the environment must be one of our priorities and we should say so.”

A number of opposition councillors voiced support for the extra Council priority proposed by the DIGG and, after a short recess, the leader of the Council announced that the administration had decided to accept the DIGG amendment. Thereafter, the new Council plan, with eleven priorities, was agreed unanimously by the full Aberdeenshire Council. (Note 2)

1. The debate can be viewed here at Item 10: https://aberdeenshire.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/320136

2. See: https://online.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/apps/news/release.aspx?newsid=4857


This annual event is close to my heart. Its a great chance to see what an ethical shop can look like. Its a delight. Fun AND Fair.


The Scottish government is undertaking a cultural strategy consultation.  Cultural strategies and have been the subject of political ping pong.  Do strategies reflect class?  Is it really part of a nation building strategy?

Actually, it can be all these things but is more likely to be one of well-being, and creating it for the future.  I would encourage responses to a cultural strategy that addresses the conflict that so called modern consumer society has within our environment.  A strategy that brings together a social culture, addresses financial inequalities and has cultural respect for our living space is, perhaps, a sustainable way to progress.

In any event, it’s important to participate.

Ideas and views on Culture Strategy wanted

Take part in an event, hold your own or contribute online

The Scottish Government is developing a Culture Strategy for Scotland. The strategy is being developed over a number of phases. They are currently in the engagement phase, gathering ideas and views through Scotland-wide Culture Conversations.

The following events are still to take place:

A number of organisations are also holding their own events. And you can hold your own event using the Culture Conversation resource pack.

You can also contribute your ideas and views on an online forum.

Find out more   ›

Last night I was lucky enough to see the film “Demain / Tomorrow” at Meldrum Academy. The event, organised by Fiona Crosswell and Vicky Prendergast attracted over 100 people. Quite an achievement.

It was not just another film about climate change. It was a film that answers the imperative that climate change brings. What can we do about it?

In each and every sphere divided into five chapters, it was positive, inspiring and uplifting. By example it gave hints and Solutions that were human and in reach of us all.

Simply, yes we can.

From protecting from protecting and nurturing our soils to produce more food as well as how to finance our businesses, this film shows there is a starting point for Solutions. This is not just to prevent some kind of climatic armageddon but demonstrates we can create a better world,  at the same time.

Thank you Fiona and Vicki for making this happen at Oldmeldrum. Thank you as well to senior pupils and head teacher of the Academy for support and to the sponsors who helped  make it a successful event. I recommend  people who have not seen it, look out for screenings in your own communities or look it up online.

Tomorrow? Yes we can!

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